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My name is Temitope Owolabi. I am a creative director, visual strategist, as well as a multidisciplinary artist, in the areas of writing, photography, filmmaking, and design. 

From my early start in photography leading to my professional career, my work draws influence from experiences and everyday engagement with  people, places and products. My photography mainly focuses on the interconnectedness of people, places, products, and the impacts they have on a global level.

I enjoy photography because I want to give a voice to the people, places, and products, that is the least focused on so that their self-worth, value, and importance are well represented and framed digitally or physically. I also feel that I am a good contributor to my community because of my passion for storytelling. When it comes to the storytelling process it takes before creating a project, I typically research and gain insights from the people, places, and products that I find interesting. I do not want to only capture pictures of people, places, and products, I want to create a meaningful story about the people, places, and products in their most raw, genuine and purest forms.

Most importantly, I was the 2016 prize winner for Adidas ‘City of Originals’ photography contest in collaboration with Sportschek and was sponsored on a trip to Japan. I am also a published artist with my work published on the front cover of Pace magazine in  2017.

My work was also published on Hypebeast, for an editorial interview on Nigeria’s First Skateboarding movement “Go Skate Nigeria” which brings hope to Nigerian youth.

My most recent work was published in Uhuru, The McGill Journal of African Studies, for a photography documentary project on the Durumi Camp for Internally Displaced Persons in Abuja, Nigeria, 2018.

In 2020, I was shortlisted for the Miles Morland Writing Scholarship for my photography/writing submission which showed a combination of energy and originality. 

temitopé owolabi 

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